POSTGRADUATE STUDYGraduate School of Engineering

Structure of Postgraduate School

Outline of Master’s Course

Aiming to acquire professional knowledge based upon fundamentals, by making a curriculum with emphasis on the close relationship with undergraduate education.

The technology in the industrial world has achieved remarkable progress recently, but in parallel, becoming multidisciplinary. Research and development companies have increased, which consequently leads to strong social demands for new technological developments as well as highly-specialized engineers who are capable of coping with those challenges. In response to this, we provide advanced education and research opportunities for trying to enrich the Masters course of engineering research.

In this major, by the spirit of our foundation, we promote personal research and development to train richly creative high-level engineers who can deal with fast-evolving technological renovation. We also re-educate society members who are engaged in research development.

Outline of Doctoral Course

In order to vitalize industrial production, a more efficient and rationalized production system along with related fields must be developed.

On the other hand, for daily life, it is important to build a comfortable living environment. Especially in places like Niigata where strong snowstorms produce a severe natural environment, urban-regional environment planning and architectural technology must be enhanced towards this. Simultaneously, computers are essential as a supporting technology, and educational research into intelligent information systems by computer is necessary.

From these perspectives, this major is divided into four educational research fields – “Intelligent Production Systems Engineering”, “Bio-Functional Engineering”, “Intelligent Information Systems Engineering” and “Architectural Engineering” – and fundamental and active fields relating to manufacturing development engineering is researched, along with educational research for creating science technology for a new manufacturing engineering.